Child’s Mind

thanks to lucylu for giving me the inspiration for this poem.

the mind of a child is a wonderful thing
untouched by the corruption of the world
it dreams up worlds of queens and kings
then at night when the stories are done
asleep in mother’s arms, it lies curled
drifting into dreams, it submits to none.

then the mind ages, it learns and grows
society’s standards are upheld
but inside the child does oppose
the child wants so to create, to soar
yet these things are withheld
the laws of man suppress it’s roar

and yet, the mind of a child lives within us all
The wonder of a new sight
the terror of a fall
some think that it is foolish to listen
the child’s voice is a blight
they do not see the joy that glistens

those that listen to the child’s mind
they find wonder in common things
a small stone, with a story to find
the grass underfoot, the glorious fields
the blowing wind, through the trees it sings
a stick, a sword. a lid, a shield.

and thus through the mind of a child
the world is full of wonders
keep it, cultivate, lest it become defiled
man’s greatest gift is given to the young
they keep it for years, through all the blunders
and from it, miracles have sprung.


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